Hi!  Welcome and thank you for spending your procrastination time at Ryan Z Lee’s!  At my website, I shall entertain you with a variety of topics that are all interests of mine.  Now I’ll admit some of my writings may draw controversy, but I believe it’s these ideas and theories that will instigate intellectual discussion and make us understand the world more.

I have always respected leaders who were willing to admit their wrongs and accept changes, rather than those who continued being stubborn to hide their embarrassment.  So, I encourage you to provide comments and feedback on my writings to discuss with me and other readers about your beliefs.  I am always willing to change my mind and stance provided what you say is logical, has evidence, or just seems like it makes sense.

And yes I am available for media requests and speaking engagements.  You can contact me at ryanzlee.blog@gmail.com, or you can reach me at my Facebook account.

By the way, I know it’s a bit egotistical and uncreative to use my own name as my blog’s name.  No, it’s not because someone pointed it out or anything, but I want to let it out in the clear so that all my readers are not misguided by my intentions.  The domain, www.ryanzlee.com, was bought because I wanted to purchase this domain before someone else had hands on it (plus domains are cheap).  Never know what I could be using it for right?  Resume, portfolio… until I decided I wanted to share these ideas I write to myself constantly with everyone else and create a blog instead.  So I said, why waste a non-utilized domain?  As of now, all I can say is the blog’s name will be continued in the coming months, but there may be some restructuring and such later in the future.  Ideas appreciated, although I sort of know what I want.  Stay tuned!


What to Expect?

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from each category:

Evolve – The most controversial of them all.  It will focus on topics related to human behavior, human psychology, culture, life philosophy, some relationships and dating, and the like.  To best understand this category, we must first make two assumptions: a) as humans we have a subconscious (since we are animals ourselves) and that the subconscious plays a huge role on how we behave and b) humans act based on the benefits vs. costs approach (totaled from the subconscious and conscious) most of the time.  For further elaboration and clarification of the two assumptions, please check out my earliest posts in this category.

Fly – I travel a fair amount, so I want to share my travel experiences with you.  I’ll try to describe the culture, what not to miss, what I’ve learned or gained, and what not.  I’ll also share my own traveling tips if I have any, or I’ll refer to you some excellent resources.

Lead – I have always been obsessed with the idea of leadership.  My bookshelf contains books and books on how to become a great leader.  This category will discuss about anything related to leadership.

Create – It’s about businesses.  It’s about how to create and maintain a company to do well and do good.  Do not assume that this category is exclusively about entrepreneurship!

Invest – The emphasis will be on investment philosophies, approaches and principles.  However, even though I would not cover extensively on what stock to buy, what price to buy etc., anything that is investment-related will be posted here.

Eavesdrop – Any funny conversations (including user-submitted) and other random funny stuff will be posted here.

Discover – Want to see someone or something fashionable?  This would be the right category for you.

Gamble – Anything related to Poker or Blackjack will be posted here.

Meet – A rare breed of people inspire me to become a better competitor, a better thinker, and a better person all around.  The aim of this page is to introduce people who can inspire you to take your game to the next level.  I’m always looking for people who have a unique lifestyle or a contrarian perspective, so if you think you are that person and you have something interesting to say, please shoot me an e-mail.  Examples that fit the criteria include MIT’s Blackjack team, Jordan Belfort, Tucker Max, Rihanna (it can be anyone, not just celebrities).  Note: People who are featured here may or may not condone to what I’ve said or done.  They do not represent RYAN Z LEE.


Sharing is Caring

I am addicted to anything that is new, unconventional, and out of the box.  If you’d like to share with me your brilliance as well, please do.


Guidelines for Comments

  • accusing someone using an ad hominem approach rather than addressing the actual argument itself (ie. the comment she made isn’t true because she’s stupid and she’s a blonde)
  • profanity is OK (I’m cool like that)
  • no spam
  • don’t copy other people’s copyright stuff, materials, writings unless you have permission
  • try to keep it concise, direct, and clear

ryanzlee.com reserves the right to refuse or remove any comment that we deem inappropriate or does not comply with our guidelines.


Side Note

Certain companies, organizations, or people may be mentioned, featured, or have advertisements placed with me around this site.  These companies, organizations, or people who have chosen to work with me may or may not condone to what I’ve said or done and do not represent RYAN Z LEE unless specifically mentioned.


Last Updated: Jun. 23, 2015