Relocating to Travel With A Butterfly

Relocating to Travel With A Butterfly

When I first started this blog, my only intention was to post my stories and ideas on to this website and share it with other people.  I’ve occupied this domain name ( and wasn’t doing anything with it for years… and with lots of pictures in my hard drive and ideas on my notepad on my iPhone, I decided might as well do something with it.  It’s been more than a year and a half that I’ve had this blog, but now I’ve decided it’s time that my blogs need to be more focused.

And with that said, I will now be authoring my new blog site, Travel With A Butterfly (  Rather than a scatter of unrelated topics, my new blog will have a heavier focus on travel and music.  I have a passion for both of them very much, and therefore I want to focus on these two passions more specifically.  With this website, what you will find are posts on music festivals and music events, featured music artists, songs I’ve produced drawn from inspiration from traveling, and the good old travel posts and good old interview posts.

So to those who have been reading and have been supporting this blog post, I want to say, thank you.  Thank you so much to keep me continue writing and putting in hours and hours into each post.  Like all bloggers say, it’s harder than it looks to make a blog and I too will not disagree.

With that said, all the stuff on this website will remain, but there will be no more further post updates on this site.  If you are really interested in the topics that aren’t included in my new blog but included here, feel free to contact me and we can have a conversation or come up with an idea.  I do plan to also have a blog site specifically on investing, so stay tuned for that (and I will update it here as well when the time comes).

Once again, thank you very much and be sure to check out my new website  Instagram:



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