Funny Car Licenses 4

Funny Car Licenses 4

Only in Hong Kong can you find this many obnoxious, hilarious, ridiculous, and entertaining car licenses around the city.  It makes the traffic seem less bad… especially when the car in front of you has a cool license plate.  PS. (for HK drivers only) people stop honking already sheesh.  Ain’t moving faster with your honking.

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L AutoL’automobile

Z GundamFuck yeah it’s Gundam.

Wall JWhere’s Wall-E?

ToyJust my badass toy.

Sum 23We love math so much we even use it as our car license!

SugarmanNot just a sugar daddy, I’m the sugar MAN.

SpyPS. I’m recording everything you are doing or saying when you’re around this car.

SafewellBe safe and well.  Safewell.


RugbySee you at the Rugby 7’s.

RHRHRHWhen I don’t give a shit about the password I’m creating.


PumpkinIt would be more fitting if the car was actually orange.

OrgThe Taxi Organization.

OK 8The text you get when someone is trying to end a conversation with you.

Me 128Even our names have become numbers too?

Luck 88I’m the lucky charm.

KarlieAre you sure it’s spelt Kar, and not car?

Hole in OneThat’s what’s up, biatch.

GuinnessGuinness drinkers sure are tough people.

GambitI’m a strategist.


CSLThat’s what I’m using.

CMER EyeI got a CMER Eye for you.

CKMD ChemSomething something chemistry.

ChanceJust give me ONE more Chance!!!

Big PigFinally, another lazy person / foodie!

AmourSo much French these days.  But OK, LOVE!

AbleI’m able to see a 7-11 behind us.

0 to IPO0 to 100.  Rags to Riches.  Now?  0 to IPO.

Which one’s your favorite?



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