Less Is More

Less Is More

We live in a world where we are more interconnected to each other than in any time of our history.  We have access to contacting each other around the world at almost anywhere with a cellular service / data, and as creatures of habits, we’ve made ourselves addicted in digital information particularly from our friends, family, and celebrities.

While interconnectivity is one step forward for improved communications, some of us have used these communication channels, such as our social media platforms, as popularity contests.  No doubt as humans, we all have egos.  But because of ease of sharing information, our narcissistic selves have chosen to share everything about ourselves.  The best word to describe this is ugh.

There is a fine line between sharing, and showing off.  Nowadays, some of us are are always craving for attention, or trying to impress.  Conversations that are meant to be private go public, and affection becomes even more disingenuous.  Less is less do we see the class, the humbleness, secrecy.  The most interesting people in the world, I believe, are those that give you a glimpse of who they are, but not everything.  You have to meet them in person to be awed by them.

Less is more.  I’ve always believed that the richest men in the world do not try to show that they are rich, you could just tell who they are.  This is applicable to our social media information sharing – when we share too much “important” information, none of them become as important.  You rather speak less but have more weight in those words.

Less is more.  I am not saying to completely abandon posting or sharing information.  There is a difference, albeit sometimes a difficult one, between sharing and showing off.  Ask yourselves, when you share that info, is it for your own personal ego satisfaction, or do you genuinely think that your friends and followers will be interested in what you have to share?

Less is more.  I leave you with a quote similar to the rich men quote – those who aren’t impressive try to impress, while those that are impressive try not to.



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