Funny Car Licenses 3

Funny Car Licenses 3

There continues to be an abundance of personalized car licenses in Hong Kong.  In this post, I will be featuring more than 30 of these licenses!  Crazy huh?  If you haven’t see part one, you can visit here at  If you haven’t see part two, you can visit there at

10 Ha 10 HaI don’t know but this looks Haiwaiian to me.

777Just got the fuckin’ jackpot!

BB 852Hong Kong’s my baby too.

BeachGuess where he’s heading off to.

Chess 99My rating is better than yours.

Cotton ICommodity trader?

DMADamn mother a…?


DunfengWind blows from the east.

HabituIs coffee served in the car too?

HAI7SLooks like Hans… I don’t know.  Someone decipher this for me.

KapeAll villains wear a “Kape”.

KeenlexLOL! Keenlex is a company that produces and sells mannequins!  Now you know.  (

Lets GoSeriously!  Hurry the fuck up.

Love 520Fun fact: Levis Strass and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets on May 20, 1873.

Momo 5Hairy.

My PonyThat bitch pony is mineeee!

OMG JeniWas she that good?

One MoreDown for one more ride?

Pace CarNot a car, but a pace car.

Pen 2Remember back in the days when we still had pen pals?


PochaccoPochacco Moracco.

ShopriteDelivered all the way from Northeastern United States.

Sky LeeHi I’m Sky, and I’m fly.

SportmaxNo limits.

Stk SauceThat’s right!!! I love my steak sauce too.

SunsRepping the Phoenix Suns all the way from 852.

TridentPoseidon is back!

Warner BrosWarner Bros?????

9x9Next time your kids see this license, reward them if they get this math equation right.

VIP 8888Who’s the motherfucking boss now?

Four AcesMe. Duh.

Which one was your favorite this time?



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