Ten Ways To Becoming A Better Leader Tomorrow

Ten Ways To Becoming A Better Leader Tomorrow

Here are ten suggestions for you to become a better leader starting tomorrow:

1. Always take the time to think.  Some things may be ideal, but may not be realistic.  Be wary of your own confirmation bias and look for sources that go against your reasonings.  Talk to other people to see if you have neglected some crucial points.  And based on all assumptions and logic given, with all scenarios assessed, figure out which decision has the most benefits over its costs.

2. Not everyone will like you.  What you think may be good for most people may be bad for a few people.  But always have the big picture in mind and find a way to compensate those that you could have affected negatively so that they can more easily be swayed to your side.

3. Have integrity in what you are doing and contribute to society positively.

4. In a decision where you must choose between self interests or the people’s, choose the latter.  Only those willing to sacrifice make great leaders.

5. Make sure everyone in your organization feels like a leader.  A title is merely a title, but everyone has a role in leading.  And if you can make other people lead, your company will be way more productive than you can imagine.

6. Always be aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and team contributions.

7. You should be encouraging people rather than limiting them.

8. Ensure interdepartmental communication so that everyone knows how they are contributing to the overall goal.  This makes everyone feel important and therefore more motivated.

9. People want to work for a leader that makes them feel like they are changing the world.

10. Sometimes it’s not the intention that’s the problem, it’s the presentation.

Do you think any of these are applicable for you to use starting tomorrow?  Which ones and specifically how?

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