Eleven Articles For Essential Tips on Men’s Fashion

Eleven Articles For Essential Tips on Men’s Fashion

Here are eleven articles with really good content that I think are worthwhile reading for upgrading your fashion.  I try to choose articles that are timeless, simple, and unique (so articles that focus on trends are avoided).

1. Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 100a – A Casual Round-Up

This is the quintessential must read for the most basic foundation of men’s fashion.  It teaches you on what to look out for to finding t-shirts, jeans, trousers, casual shirts, and casual jackets that work well for you.  As always, remember – fit is king.

2. Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 100b – A Formal Round-Up

Follow up article from the article above, this article dives into more sophisticated pieces including suits, coats, blazers, formal shoes, and even tuxedos.  Also a must read when dealing with these classic garments.

3. Men’s AW14 Sports Luxe Style

With this article, we look at garments that are more suitable for the casual / street wear.  But the word casual doesn’t imply sloppiness – this article teaches you how to find a sports jacket, a track pant, or a hoodie that’s right for you.

4. A Guide to Mixing Colours & Patterns

OK now we get to be a little bit more creative.  This article teaches you how to mix and match different colors and textures together so that your look is just right.  Tips on everything you need to know in becoming stylish without looking awkward.

5. 10 Style Tips to Help Refresh Your Wardrobe

By now you should have noticed that I’ve grabbed a lot of articles from www.fashionbeans.com not because it’s the easy path to take, but this blog is excellent for men’s fashion.  Content is great – it’s simple, useful, and very applicable.  Most fashion blogs focus too much on what’s trendy or not, but trends come and go and what’s trendy may not be suitable for you anyway.  We want something that can last.  This guy writes an excellent article in how to look your best with the most basic items.

6. Everything You Need To Know About Fit, Sexy Fit

As I mentioned, fit is king.  But how do we determine when something ‘fits’ us?  This is where this article comes in to give us a more systematic approach in determining what to look out for to find the right fit.

7. How To Layer Clothing

While most of us layer our clothing to warm ourselves more and look more stylish, there is actually a different purpose for each layer of clothing.  Learn more from this article to see what types of clothes we should wear for each layer to make us most comfortable and warm.

8. A Simple Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes

We got everything from the feet up, but what really makes you stand out are your shoes.  Often you can tell the character of a person by looking at their shoes.  This article teaches you the basics of shoes – the different types and the quality you should be looking for.

9. Beginner’s Guide To Fabric Patterns & Styles

We can be boring and choose plain for everything, or we can add some color to our life by playing around with different fabric patterns.  The article teaches you the most commonly seen fabric patterns and how to wear them.

10. 5 Fashion Accessories Tips for Men 

So often overlooked are the accessories, yet they stand out because of their uniqueness and therefore play a dominant effect on your overall style.  This article is short and to the point; it basically teaches you how to match your accessories with your other pieces of clothing.

11. 60 Quick “Guy Style” Tips

And to wrap it all up, here are 60 quick style tips for you to remember the next time you need to upgrade your fashion.

And there you go, a compilation of 11 different articles to spice up your wardrobe!  As always, maintenance and taking care of your clothing is essential, so be sure to google for that information as well.

What other fashion tips do you have or recommend?

*featured image from Men’s AW14 Sports Luxe Style



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