The Subconscious

The Subconscious

We all possess the subconscious.  It’s the animal instinct we have inside of us.  It is what influences us for survival and reproduction.  By understanding about our subconscious, we understand so much more about ourselves, especially when it comes to things that appear “inexplicable”.

Our subconscious drives our behaviors in many ways we may not be aware of.  But ultimately it does so to satisfy a few common goals – to enable us to survive, to enable us to reproduce, and to enable us to socialize.

And yes, the subconscious is often what creates our feelings in the first place.  We feel scared to survive.  We feel love to reproduce.  We act cool to be well liked.

I want you to think about something – how often do we hear about good news?  Probably much less than bad news right?  Good news are often glanced over or ignored because it is boring to read them, it is the expected, and it doesn’t threaten us; it’s less likely to entertain us or be memorable.  People often say, “We should read more good news; why does the media only post bad news?  It sickens my thoughts on humanity.”  But more often than not, we should take the next step and ask ourselves why we humans behave this way.  There must be a reason as to why bad news are often more attractive.

By reading about bad news, we learn more about what can threaten our survival.  Car crashes, murders, dangerous territories, our subconscious loves these to keep us aware of what dangers are out there in the world.  It doesn’t even have to be something that causes us to die, it can even be threats to our resources.  Scams and briberies are also what we pay attention to.

We also tend to favor news that are relevant to us.  People always blame other people for being naive about certain topics or lacking empathy.  The thing is, because it doesn’t affect us personally, our subconscious won’t prioritize it to be important in our minds.  So say when we read news about hundreds of children in Africa starving each day, some of us just naturally don’t care.  It’s not something we choose to do, it’s just our subconscious influencing us.  We just don’t have the emotions that are as attached to the issue as some other people might be.

Then what about celebrities then?  Why do we care about them more often than other things?  Celebrities are often loved, or if not loved at least well known amongst people.  As I mentioned, we have a social aspect ingrained in our subconscious.  Since celebrities have a strong social aspect about them, we want to be like them and so we become obsessed with them.  Or they may be an attractive man or an attractive woman and your reproductive aspect of the mind will “like” them.

Speaking of resources, we also tend to favor anything that can increase our resources.  In our world, money would fit this category extremely well.  We are attracted to anything that can give us more money.  Greed happens naturally because our brains are wired to believe that the more money you have, the more access and opportunities you will gain, and therefore the higher our chance of our survival.  Resources like water and food are also important, especially when we lack of it.  In fact, they will triumph our thoughts over money when we need it.  But once we have an adequate amount to keep us alive, we tend not to think about it.  So unlike money, where we can never get enough and therefore our desire to always keep chasing it, our desire increasingly diminishes for water and food once we have adequate amounts of it.  In fact, the reason why money can never be enough is because we can always vision ourselves at the next highest level, either meaning higher fulfillment of our survival, reproductive, or social aspects.  A Lamborghini may mean higher social status or more attractive women paying attention to you.

Reproduction is also wired into our brains as well.  Throughout our evolution, we grow up thinking about sex.  Our age, our sex, our hormones, our genetics, our psychological experiences will affect the extent of how much we think about it and what we look for in another partner.  I will actually cover about this topic in a much more detailed post in the later future.  One thing I like to point out is that it’s a need that is just as strong or even stronger than our other needs, like hunger for example.  And because it’s wired into our brains, it’s hard to control it sometimes as this is something that is natural.  It’s like hunger, when you are hungry you have a strong desire for food.  The same is for sex as well; when the urge happens it’s hard to fight against it.  Your subconscious wants to fulfill this need.  Depending on how strong the urge is and how much self control we have, the range of actions we partake in may include from going out with someone (hoping to go home with them) to raping someone.  Something to note – just because it’s an urge that doesn’t require us to survive doesn’t mean the urge isn’t as strong as hunger.

As humans, we are born as social creatures.  While socializing isn’t a survival necessity, we still have urges to socialize.  We like it when we are well liked and popular, and we hate it when we are alone and disliked.  Think about it – why does groupthink or peer pressure exist?  Why else would we be so obsessed with our phones and Facebook?  Why do so many people prefer to live in cities?  Many student killers we’ve been hearing about are often portrayed as “well mannered, quiet, introverted, smart etc.”.  But by being introverted and well mannered, sometimes this may be seen as too predictable and  boring, and the strategy backfires, causing us to become unpopular.  We try to live up to society’s expectations, and society fails us instead.  If we don’t socialize or are not well accepted in our society, this can potentially harm us and harm others.  A further post will be written about our subconscious and our social aspects (explaining like why leaders are those who dare to stand out and bring new ideas to the forefront).

Throughout many posts in the category ‘Evolve’ and in my other categories, I will be explaining many things using the idea of the subconsciousness.  I hope this will clear up many of the inexplicables that we have experienced or observed.  But one thing I would like you to do after reading this is rather than just saying someone is this or someone is that, question yourself, “Why do they behave this way?”  It could be their subconscious influencing them.



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