Poker Tells Part II

Some other tells that you should look out for:

Often, we are adept at disguising our faces, because we know that most people look at our faces.  The higher the body part, the more we are aware of it.  According to this logic, our feet are usually the truest indicator of what we are feeling.  So in poker games, someone who has both their feet flat and stable on the ground with legs spread apart can be an indicator of confidence, whereas shaking a leg can indicate nervousness.  Alternatively, it may mean that the person is impatient… he may be bluffing and wants you to fold quickly, or he’s excited for you to call him.  As always, consider the whole context and see if it makes sense.

A person crossing his feet around the ankles is indicating he’s holding something back.  He might be holding back to hide his nervousness, or he might be holding back because he’s holding a strong hand.  Ask yourself what could he be holding back from.

In most poker games, it may be inappropriate to look down at someone’s feet or our view may be blocked. In those situations, you want to be aware if their leg movements cause vibrations in other parts of the body.  The shoulder parts of somebody’s shirt may be subtly moving because the person is shaking his leg.

During a potential flush draw, if someone looks at their hole cards, it could mean that either one or both of these cards match the potential flush draw.  They check because they may not remember exactly what suits they were holding, but their instinct makes them feel that they might have the matching suit.

In general, we want to see contrast.  Someone who places their bets confidently on the table when holding a strong hand might bet nervously when trying to bluff.  Of course, it can work in the opposite way (see video).  You have to continuously be observant of all the players on the table and see if their actions or reactions differ from usual.

Lastly, we want to see if their voice changes with certain hands.  Someone may be quiet when she has a strong hand to minimize the info she gives away.  But when making a bluff, she might loudly announce the bet size to let you be aware of the size to try to intimidate you.

If you haven’t done so already, you can go to Poker Tells Part I to learn more about tells.

What’s another poker tell that you’ve observed before?



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