Overheard in HK 1

Overheard in HK 1

Overhearing lame or boring conversations make me cringe.  Why can’t we all be a little more creative, witty and funny with what we say?  I mean some stuff is just meh, but the following conversation took place and it made me giggle a little:

Setting: 2 guys sitting adjacent to each other in a Japanese restaurant

a) Guy 1: I had a beer, and the beer was really good.

Guy 2: What beer was it?

Guy 1: Umm.. it’s like… I don’t know I forgot.


b) Guy 2: You know, I enjoy it.  I actually enjoy being stupid for a few hours.

*face palm*

Am I being mean?  Are WE being mean?  Or is my humor normal?  Someone save me.



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