Funny Pics 1

Funny Pics 1

Here are some funny pictures I’ve collected to help you get over the Monday Blues…

No Urinating and Defeceating in Public Places

What has the state of Hong Kong come to?

Red Packet Dog

Red Packet Dog >__<”’

Beer Equals Salad

I KNEW beer was healthy. (…from Internet)

Free Beer

Almost had me there…

Carefully Glass

Translation fail…

Eat Food With Hand

Makes sense.

Carefully Slippery

I like the 3 black dots underneath the person.

Lil Wayne Song

That’s why we are friends.

Fitting Notice

Please do not provoke pollution anymore.

King Kong Ho

Just when you thought something wasn’t real…

Any other funny pictures you have?  You can submit them to my e-mail at!



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