And we meet at Hello.

Today marks the first day that you and I meet.  I believe we are going to embark on an amazing journey full of surprises and bumps, excitement and disappointments.  We will sometimes agree, most likely disagree, and at times you and I will want to strangle each other.  That’s OK… all relationships are like this, and I take ours to be of no exception.

What you’re seeing is like an invitation to seeing my home, except, it’s even more private.  My thoughts, feelings, ideas, all posted right here, right in this space.  And just as much as I will strive to be a great host for you, I ask that you too strive to be a great guest of mine.  Perhaps later I will be the guest of yours in the distant future.

I enjoy conversations.  It’s the key to socializing, the path to learning, the door to fulfillment… I encourage you to start a conversation and talk not just with me, but also with other guests who have decided to invite themselves over to my place.

But yes.  We may never see each other eye to eye.  We may never encounter an opportunity to shake each other’s hands as we’re supposed to in every first interaction.  I would love to listen to your voice, learn about your quirks, engage with your thoughts, but unfortunately this would be difficult unless we are bound by coincidences.

But fate has brought you here, and I welcome your online presence nonetheless.  Please do check out my ‘About’ page first to quickly understand what to expect from my posts.  You can always contact me in the contact page.

So let’s begin and shall I say, “Welcome to my site.  Welcome to Ryan Z Lee.” and Hello.



Intrigued with ideas, strategies, and unconventional concepts. Interested in new and logical theories.

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